The Derek M. Baylis


The Derek M. Baylis (DMB) is a 65-foot auxiliary-powered sailing research vessel that was built to U.S. Coast Guard Subchapter T specifications and launched in 2003. The DMB has a rear deck like a trawler, with yacht-like living quarters, and uses the wind efficiently as its primary source of fuel. The DMB was specifically designed and constructed to provide a safe, comfortable, fast, and environment-friendly platform for marine research and education.

The Interior

The interior and accommodations of the Baylis are not what you would typically envision a “work boat” to be.  Her perfect balance of elegance and functionality will serve you well, whether you need to spend a week offshore to conduct science work or you want to entertain corporate clients with a sail along the beautiful San Francisco waterfront. She can comfortably handle 35 passengers for a 6 hour sail or 10 passengers overnight.


This movie was created from a time lapse camera system (Psicam). It captures the approx. 1 year process of the building of the Antrim 49 racing yacht, Rapid Transit. The hull and mast were built at Berkeley Marine Center, using carbon fiber construction techniques. It was launched in 2009, and has recorded speeds over 30 mph.
A trip out of the Farallon Islands, 30 miles out from San Francisco bay, on the Derek M. Baylis, a research sailboat – a 65′ cat rigged ketch to be precise.