Public Charters

Built for speed and comfort, the Derek M. Baylis is a perfect setting for your special occasion. From wedding parties to birthday celebrations, enjoy a private charter on a 65 ft yacht. Taylor the charter to your wishes- include a pit stop at your favorite waterfront restaurant. The dedicated Wylie Charters crew is guaranteed to provide you with exceptional customer service for a memorable day.

In the San Francisco Bay or in open sea, the Derek M. Baylis is Coast Guard certified guaranteeing a safe journey and prepared for your dream voyage, whether it be a day trip or much longer.  Become a world traveler by sea- map out your dream with Wylie Charters!

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Corporate Charters

Image Matters!  Sail away for a Corporate Event and add a “Wow!” to a good impression with a memorable cruise past the San Francisco waterfront, around Angel Island or under the Golden Gate Bridge. There is a thin line between the success or failure of business meetings and corporate events, add this lasting experience of high trophy value.  A Corporate Yacht Charter will display an innovative spirit. Capitalize on our professional assistance to help you reach your event goals – the Derek M. Baylis has comfortable accommodations for everyone all day long and sailing creates the exclusivity required to seal a deal; to celebrate a new product launch; to extend a unique “thank you” to a loyal customer; or to impress a prospective key client with your upscale taste.  Comparable in price to renting a meeting room with catering, why would you not make this choice?

Entertaining clients
Forget a stuffy board room lunch or meeting! Show an innovative spirit and let us serve you on the water aboard the Baylis!

  • Entertain & impress an important client.  Our crew will assist you to make a lasting impression
  • Give a thank you gift to a long time and dedicated client

Employee Appreciation
It has been proven that happy employees tend to be more efficient.  Impress them.

  • It has been proven that happy employees tend to be more efficient
  • Had a great year?  Reward your hard working employees with an exciting day on the water

Team Building
Let us work with you to create a specific team-building program designed to help you and your staff connect and grow together.

  • To help resolve conflicts between people
  • For employees to get to know each other
  • To improve communication
  • To improve or build team spirit
  • Or just to simply to boost morale

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In the late 90’s Tom Wylie, the vessel’s designer saw the need for an efficient and silent research platform from which the world’s ocean scientists can conduct their valuable work.  He began the design and ultimate construction of the Derek M Baylis.  Since her launching in 2003, her versatile design has been beneficial in conducting research in a wide range of scientific areas.  Within the past 13 years she has served notable organizations such as with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Oceana, Cascadia Research Collective, NOAA, USGS and many others.  Some of the varied tasks that she undertook include debris mapping, mapping the San Andreas Fault, white shark tagging, tracking beaked whales and many others. When conducting research from the Baylis, you will not only be able to collect better data, but you will also be saving money.  For example: the average daily fuel bill for the Baylis comes to approximately $90. In most cases our daily rate is not much more than just your cost for fuel to rent a vessel of a similar size.

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About 70% of our planet is covered by oceans.  The atmosphere, land and marine ecosystems are very dependent on one another.  A slight change in the marine ecosystem can noticeably impact our lives on land.  A change in sea temperature affects the weather on land, causing hurricanes or droughts.  A change in plankton levels adjusts the oceans carbon cycle. If you live by the coast, this means that the oxygen you breathe may be adjusted.

Educational programs on the Derek M. Baylis are unique because they are modeled after real research that has been done on the vessel. From marine mammal surveys to aquatic debris and refuse monitoring program our crew brings the experience of real science into the hands of our students and passengers. While it’s not possible to tag a white shark or use hydrophones to search for blue whales like some of the projects we have been a part of; we can start with the basics and build off that sense of wonder and discovery.

Today there are many issues facing the marine environment. Scientists will be the first to admit they do not have all the answers. Our programs are designed to bring these questions to the forefront in an effort to create awareness and understanding of the challenges the aquatic landscape will face over the next century.