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There’s a group of islands just off San Francisco that are unlike any other. Not only are they a marine sanctuary, but also the gathering spot for great white sharks during the months of late July through early November. These islands are called the Farallones.

Now, a leading adventure trip provider "Incredible Adventures" has teamed up with the well-known charter company "Wylie Charters" to provide a full day of education, excitement and awe as you experience these deep ocean creatures curiously cruise by.

Did you know? These Majestic creatures have a relatively strict migratory pattern that they have stuck to for millions of years.  Their journey takes them from the Farallones to Hawaii to a location in the middle of the Pacific and back to the Farallones again. Watching these fascinating sharks undisturbed in their natural habitat is truly an experience you will never forget.

So, sign up quick because time and space is running out to join a unique group of adventurers that are apart of this exciting once a year opportunity!

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